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Need help with pics[edit]

There is a Buddhist shrine that incorporates a sculpure of Ayyanar riding a horse as part of the Vihara complex. I dont know its exact location. It is on the main road from Colombo to Udappu either South of Chilaw or North. The place name may be Chettikulama or next to the Buddhist Vihara, there is a street called Chetti street. If you are driving from Colombo it is on your right side and was all painted in white to match the Stupa unlike the Hindu version that is all colorful as the picture in the article indicates. About few miles north of this syncretic Buddhist temple there is a Ayynar maintained by a local Brahmin family. His house is the only Hindu household in the entire neibhourhood. If someone may take a pictur of both these Ayyanar statues, they will be better than what I have attached to the aryicle. Thanks Taprobanus 13:53, 14 October 2007 (UTC)