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Adding specific Neurotrophic factors[edit]

Hi, I'm part of a WikiEdu course, and I am hoping to add more information to this page. Specifically, I would like to start by adding different sub-group headings of each type of neurotrophic factor and then, within each sub-group, adding the functions of each neurotrophic factor. OdessaG (talk) 12:57, 1 October 2016 (UTC)

This is a good start as it seems like there are many neurotrophic factors that need to be accounted for in this article. I like that you included how they are grouped into different families. I would maybe expand on this and include why they are grouped this way and what qualifies each factor to belong to a certain group. Also just wanted to make sure all of these descriptions are paraphrased and not directly quoted. If quoted, I would try to find a conclusive way to describe each using research from the articles you found. It looks like you have a lot of good references too, I would try to link each one when citing to make it easier to find the reference you used instead of using in text citations. In your next draft I would try to put together more descriptions about each family and super family (like the TGF-beta), and characteristics of these! I would also maybe add something like a brief introduction of what a neurotrophic factor is and the general characteristics that they all have in common. -Gicoo001 (talk) 18:23, 15 October 2016 (UTC)
Your article looks great & very well organized. ProfJRL (talk) 17:04, 24 October 2016 (UTC)
Based upon a cursory read-through, the section that you wrote appears well written IMO. A minor style point to remember is that references should be placed after punctuation (e.g., periods). A bot will eventually come around and correct instances where a reference is placed before a period in the event that you forget, but it may take a while. Seppi333 (Insert ) 00:54, 30 October 2016 (UTC)