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History notes[edit]

Note that this covers all highways in New York that have been numbered 341.

Earliest known alignment; coverage to be in NY 55
  • by 1933: went from N of Wingdale @ NY 22 to CT line (became CT 55) (1933 NE RMcN)
  • by 1935: supplanted by an extended NY 55 (1935 RMcN)
Next alignment; coverage to be in this article
  • 1930: NY 55 continued due east from NY 22 in Pawling to the CT line by way of modern CR 67; doesn't appear to have connected to any route on the CT side (1930 GD)
  • 1932 and 1933 RMcNs don't show the extension of 55 eastward but also leave the Wingdale highway unmarked
  • by 1935: NY 55 realigned to follow NY 22 north to Wingdale; former routing of NY 55 east of Pawling designated NY 341 (1935 RMcN)
  • removed sometime around the early 1940s
    • last map to mark it is a 1940 Gousha; GD never marked the route and the 1940 RMcN omits it as well – TMF 18:56, 7 April 2010 (UTC)