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Corrected route description (bold intro). Had 304.[edit]

This article was changed to bring its intersection template to the NYint format. No other changes were made. It is important to verify, update and/or correct as necessary. Fwgoebel 21:53, 1 December 2006 (UTC)

GA Review[edit]

This review is transcluded from Talk:New York State Route 344/GA1. The edit link for this section can be used to add comments to the review.

GA Review by SRX--LatinoHeat
  • New York State Route 344 (NY 344) is a state highway located entirely within the town of Copake in Columbia County, New York. - This can be reworded into something along the lines of "is a state highway located in the U.S. state of New York." It doesn't matter if its entirely located in Copake, its a state highway, so it is in the state of NY.
  • Done.
  • It runs from NY 22 to the Massachusetts state line a short distance to the east. - bad word choice, instead of run, "extends" should be used. Also, a short distance to the east? East of what? How short is it?
  • Done.
  • It primarily allows for access to the Bash Bish Falls state parks on both sides of the border. - Border of what? "for access"? remove the "for."
  • Done.
  • Unlike most state highways, however, there is no corresponding route when it enters Massachusetts, becoming an unnumbered road upon crossing the state line. - however shouldnt be used, its not needed to connect those sentences. Also, "it" should be elaborated, use "road or highway". Because you are talking about two states, "state line", the state should be elaborated.
  • Done.
  • The local road continues through Bash Bish Falls State Park, terminating at an intersection with a local road (West Street) just outside the park. - What local road? Are you still referring to the NY 344? "just outside the park", is not needed, you already established where it terminated.
  • Done.
Route Description
  • Route 344 begins at an intersection with NY 22 in the hamlet of Copake Falls. - this is confusing. With NY22? How about, "at an intersection on Route NY 22" Also be consistent with the Route name, use Route NY 344 when referring to the route or any route.
  • Almost done - "Route NY 344" is ridiculous.
  • The road heads to the southeast, turning eastward into Taconic State Park.- word choice again. Instead of "heads", "continues" can replace it. Also, "turning" can be replaced with "crossing".
  • Done.
  • The route intersects with a few local roads at the border of the park, where Route 344 runs along the base of Sunset Rock, an 1,800 feet (550 m) high, dual state mountain. - Remain consistent with the name of the route.
  • Done.
  • The route continues eastward, along the base of Cedar Mountain before beginning to head up the mountain. - "head up" can be replaced with "ascend"
  • Done.
  • While climbing Cedar Mountain, Route 344 crosses into Massachusetts and becomes the unnumbered Falls Road, a local roadway providing access to Bash Bish Falls State Park. - remain consistent with the route name.
  • Done. Route 344 ends at the state border and there is no Massachusetts 344.
  • Falls Road heads eastward, passing the waterfalls and crossing the base of Mount Washington.- again, wordchoice, use "continues on" to replace heads.
  • Done.
  • Falls Road terminates soon after at West Street at a junction 1,400 feet (430 m) above sea level. - why do we need to know the sea level which the junction is above? Also, because this is a road article, length should be exact or an estimate, "soon after" says nothing about where the road terminates. An actual length or estimate should be written here.
  • Done.
  • NY 344 was assigned in the early to mid-1930s to an alignment extending from Copake Falls in the west to the Massachusetts state line in the east. - rewording needed here, instead of early to mid 1930s, how about, between the early and mid 1930s, also remain consistent with the route name. What do you mean was assigned to an alignment? What does alignment refer to?
  • Done.
  • At the time, the portion of modern NY 344 north of Copake Falls was part of NY 22 - So what is said here is that the current portion of Route NY 344 which is north of Copake Falls was a part of NY 22, if so, this needs to be further elaborated and explained, as the current format its written is sounds confusing.
  • Done.
  • NY 344 was extended to its current length between 1947 and 1953 when NY 22 was rerouted to bypass Copake Falls on a new roadway to the west. - Well if it's current length is mentioned, why isn't the old length mentioned? Again, remain consistent.
  • Done.
  • The entirety of NY 22's former alignment through the hamlet remains state-maintained to this day as the signed NY 344 (north approach) and the unsigned NY 980F (south approach). - Ok, the hamlet is not mentioned earlier in the section relatin to the NY 22. This will confuse readers, this needs to be elaborated further. What is this sentence saying? Is it saying that the old alignment is now the present day Route NY 344?
  • Done.
Closing comments
  • Is there any updated new on the route, further construction? other news?
  • Not done. Checked - none.

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    I will leave this article on hold before I pass/fail. Major prose work needed, but other than that a good article.--SRX--LatinoHeat 19:52, 8 July 2008 (UTC)

I've replied to your commments with ones that are done, not done or partially done.Mitch32(UP) 22:25, 8 July 2008 (UTC)

Much better, however, in the lead, you need to wikilink U.S. State and New York.SRX--LatinoHeat 00:13, 10 July 2008 (UTC)
Done. :DMitch32(UP) 00:19, 10 July 2008 (UTC)
Pass :D--SRX--LatinoHeat 00:24, 10 July 2008 (UTC)