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This article was accepted on 13 May 2013 by reviewer FeralOink (talk · contribs).

Items requiring further attention following article creation[edit]

I accepted the article, and noted the following concerns:

Contradiction between publisher network count and product offering count[edit]

This is seemingly a contradiction, and understatement: Intro says,

"...publisher network features over 2,500 fully licensed, full-text articles, images and videos"

That is a very small number! Also, it contradicts the Products section, which says,

"...NewsCred’s core product, providing brands and publishers with access to licensed content from over 2,500 publishers".

2500 publishers is more likely! Each offers more than one item to your publisher network, correct? So number in the intro should be bigger. This needs verification.

Efficacy for customers[edit]

Article says

"As a result of NewsCred taking on curation for Pepsi Pulse, homepage traffic increased by 32% within one month."

Need citation for this. Need to specify what month, what year, and what Pepsi Pulse is. Is it the same as Pepsi-Cola? Is it a website?

NewsCred staff[edit]

Originally stated there is staff "of 10 journalists".

  1. Are they journalists or content curators?
  2. Do they do news reporting? If so, you need to expand upon that.

If they are not journalists, don't use the word "journalist" as that is a specific occupation and term, see Wikipedia's own definition for journalism. If they ARE reporters of news, and creators of original content, not curators (which I think might be true, from what I read in one of the referenced articles), great! Or even if a few are journalists, say that, and include and a Wikilink to "journalist", while describing the others using another term.

Product delivery[edit]

  1. I changed wording from "all formats". Cannot say "all" formats, need to specify which ones explicitly.
  2. "NewsCred then streamlines that data through algorithms, and delivers it to web, tablet or mobile." Are there any delivery limitations? Does it work for all "consumer" web browsers, tablets and mobile devices? If so, great. If not, list exceptions, or say the ones in some short manner, what it does work for.

Company and management[edit]

  1. Very important: The company was founded in 2008 by Mr. Islam, Mr. Islam and Mr. Rahman. Are they still associated with the company? You must specify the name of whomever runs it, using whatever title is appropriate e.g. CEO or President or Director.
  2. Also, you must specify what sort of company this is. Is it an LLC? LP? S-Corp? Is its stock publicly traded? Obviously, the answer to that is likely to be "no", but you must then say that it is a privately-held company. Where are the HQ? There are three offices in three different countries, so you must say if it is a U.S., U.K. or Dhaka-domiciled company.

Status: Item 1.5.1 is done, as I confirmed that Mr. S. Islam is the CEO. I still don't know if the company is LLC or LP. I presume that it is a U.S. domiciled company. --FeralOink (talk) 23:54, 22 May 2013 (UTC)