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MA10S engine[edit]

A detailed, basic article on the MA10Stype engine Original source from my Brog article. It translated from Japanese into English and it added it newly. It is Edinghelp and there is asking. The polish, the postscript, the arrangement, and Eding help of this article are asked for.

Basic Ed Original and exhibition/writing Double charge club ek-10stToyama

It starts still ..(.. writing this article. Please inform me if there are correction/postscript etc.)

・Refer to the indication rule. - Wikipedia GFDL OK ・1 and public organization contribution condition of condition. ・Only "Use with GFDL" is allowed. ・Only condition 2 and the (A) original person in question can use the original, and contribute. ・Improvement that becomes condition 2 and (B) correspondence matter article needing It allows it the encouragement as for the postscript and the retouch. Or, it can be a reprint by the origin of this original person in question allowance. ・Condition 3 and self-regard "Use of the second without permission" is "No complete permission. " --ek-10st Toyama 14:59, 18 July 2006 (UTC)

K10 type Details chronology/of model composition[edit]

This article owns me. With the excerpt on the page of Brog (The GFDL rule has been approved. ) It does in Nissan March K10 type of Japanese version Wikipedea, and it the addition edits and it excerpts from the done article, it translates from Japanese to English, and the postscript edit is done to English version Wikipedea by my working. Help of the edit is asked for when the translation edit is not made well. The Nisssan March detailed model is necessary and indispensable for the MA10S engine change history of this installing engine item article. There is a possibility about the postscript because it starts still writing. It wishes preservation.

and jn Wikipedea Nissan March jn 日産・マーチ[1] -- 07:38, 6 August 2006 (UTC)Double charge club .@ek-10stとやま/--ek-10st Toyama

A Japanese article of the exhibition origin updates an English[edit]

ja-en New edit A Japanese article of the exhibition origin updates an English ! -- 20:48, 6 September 2006 (UTC)ek-10stToyama

About a new necessity of the classification of the Nissan K10 March series[edit]

ja K10マーチシリーズの分類の新たなる必要性に ついて

新たなる分類を提案したいと考えています。分類は初期型においては新発売時のマーチ、つまり、フェンダーミラーの K10とドアミラーのK10マーチをあらためて別けまして、「初期型A-1」と「初期型A-2」に記号をつけた方が すっきりするのではないでしょうか?K10マーチ中期型も2種類ありましてターボ仕様車登場時とキャンバストップ仕様車を境目に内装が変更されていまして、分類記号をK10マーチ「中期型A-1」と「中期型A-2」に別けようかと思います。 分類記号の選定は慎重に行いたいと思いますので、意見を伺いたいと思います。(※この文は自己ブログより記事内容を抜粋しました。) Double Charge Club ek-10stとやま 日本時、2007/01/01/19:33 

en I want to propose a new classification. Marking might be refreshing again in "Type A-1 of initial" and "Initial type A-2 ..separation..". march in a word ..the march when newly putting it on the market.. K10 about K10 and the door mirror of the side-view mirror in an initial ..classification.. typeIt thinks there are two kinds and the turbo specification car appears and the canvas top specification car of the middle term of K10 march type, and because the interior has been changed to the verge, it separates and I think the classification sign to be K10 march "Mid-term type A-1" and "Mid-term type A-2" with iodination. It wants to select the classification sign carefully, and I want to ask for the opinion. (※This sentence excerpted the content of the article from self-Brog. ) [2]Double Charge Club --ek-10st Toyama 10:34, 1 January 2007 (UTC)ek-10st Toyama