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The frigates class Niterói are a class of warships of the Brazilian Navy


The frigates class Niterói were projected and had been constructed by the English shipyard Vosper Thornycroft in the decade of 70 .

The frigates class Niterói are ships thatmake use of two axles, with variable pitch propellers, and can be propulsion by different configurations of machines. They can operate one or two with diesel, or a turbine for axle. These possible configurations of machines allow to get combinations of pairs rotation of the axle/step of the helix defined through tests of sea for the construction shipyard as the most adjusted to the propulsion of the ship.

Its internal systems use technology of the decade of 60, that she was used for the available electronic systems commercially for installation on board warships in the beginning of the project of the frigates.

These systems, in the threshold of century 21, are arriving at the end of its useful life, which is determined by the possibility to be able to be recouped by preventive maintenance and corrective.

The modernization involved to project a digital system of distributed control that carried throughall the functions of original system e, still, had to the decurrently easiness of a functional implementation in software, added innumerable identified operational easiness as of gotten practical interest to the long one of the operational one during more than twenty years.It still involved the introduction of electronic control for diesel and the substitution of you enlace of pneumatic signals, of difficult maintenance. It adds necessity to project and to implement a simulator of propeller plant and assistant whoallowed validating the new system in development.

General Characteristics[edit]


Displacement (tons):3.355-standard/3.707-full load

Dimensions (meters): 129,2 x 13,5 x 5,5(sonar)

Speed (nos): 30

Radius of action (miles): 5.300-a 17 nos/4.200-a 19 nos/1.300-a 28 nos

Crew: 217 men

Armament (after the modernization): Missile antiship Mm-40 EXOCET; antiaircraft missile ASPIDE; 1 Vickers cannon 4,5 counts (115 mm), with reach of 22 km; 2 Cannons Antiaircraft Bofors SAK 40mm/70; throwers for Mk-46 torpedoes; anti-submarine e launching of rockets.

Helicopter: 1 Westland Super Ah-11a Lynx or 1 Uh-12/13 Squirrel

Marinha do Brasil (Brazilian Navy)