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Bugge note[edit]

Bugge has an interesting note on page 40 of Bidrag til den ældste skaldedigtnings historie:

[...] draumnjörun Alvíssm. 30 har vistnok oprindelig været ment som "hun der sammensnører Drømme", jfr. nyisl. njörva, oldn. Njörvasund, ags. nearu, genyrwan. Men siden har Skaldene i dette Ord fundet et Aasynjenavn Njörun og saa brugt dette i kvennkenning.

Roughly translated as: "draumnjörum in Alvíssmál, stanza 30, was apparently originally meant as "she who ties together dreams", cf. modern Icelandic njörva, Old Norse Njörvasund, Anglo-Saxon nearu, genyrwan. But later the skalds have understood Njörun as a name of an ásynja, and then used this in a woman's kenning."