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GA Review[edit]

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Reviewer: Dough4872 (talk · contribs) 02:22, 20 March 2014 (UTC)

GA review (see here for criteria)

  1. It is reasonably well written.
    a (prose): b (MoS):
    There are a lot of sloppy sentences throughout the article such as "The Outer Banks Scenic Byway spans approximately 131 Miles and takes about 6 Hours to drive" and " NC 12 shows up on the 1964 map running from Ocracoke to Whalebone.". The article needs a good copyedit.
  2. It is factually accurate and verifiable.
    a (references): b (citations to reliable sources): c (OR):
    • There are unreferenced statements in the article that are tagged with citation needed tags.
    • There are a few bare URLs that need to be properly formatted.
  3. It is broad in its coverage.
    a (major aspects): b (focused):
    • The route description should use some more details about the physical surroundings.
    • The history mentions storms that have washed away parts of the highway. Are these all the storms that have done so or are there earlier ones that have done so? This section is bordering on WP:RECENTISM.
  4. It follows the neutral point of view policy.
    Fair representation without bias:
  5. It is stable.
    No edit wars, etc.:
  6. It is illustrated by images, where possible and appropriate.
    a (images are tagged and non-free images have fair use rationales): b (appropriate use with suitable captions):
  7. Overall:

The article has many major issues before I can consider it for GA. Therefore, I will have to fail it. The article may be renominated once the issues are fixed and a good copyedit completed. Dough4872 02:22, 20 March 2014 (UTC)