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A "newbie" here. I edited this page changing the ending date of the conference FROM 1996 TO 1998. While 1996 may be the correct "end date" for the football portion of the conference (and I see that the creators of the page were primarily interested in that) it is not for the other sports now listed in the Conference Champions area. The new end date was "surmised" based on Sonoma State having won championships in other sports as late at 1998. All of the changes made (opening commentary, sidebar with graphic, and conference champions) to 1998 were due to banners in the gymnasium at Sonoma State University's Basketball Arena (The Wolve's Den). What I could seem to figure out how to do, even after reading the article re the same, was to footnote or reference the new dates and additions as to their authenticity. (talk) 06:24, 26 February 2012 (UTC)