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I don't know how this whole process works, but I am nominating this page for deletion. I understand the idea of "Northwest Los Angeles" geographically, but it's not a phrase or concept that has any bearing in real world usage. Doing a google search for "northwest los angeles" -wiki only gives results relating to a city in Texas. Additionaly, as a life-long resident of the Los Angeles area, I have never heard of the neighborhoods in this article collectively referred to as "northwest Los Angeles". The only citation in the article is on the topic of gentrification in a specific area and makes no mention of the concept of "northwest Los Angeles". I've seen previous versions of LA-district lists on this site and understand why, from an academic perspective, somebody would seek to simplify the classification of LA's patchwork grid, but Wikipedia is not the place to make declarative assertions on what is and isn't an official designation for an area.— Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs) 01:42, 25 November 2013‎ (UTC)