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Location & product line[edit]

Wikipedia is WP:NOT a PR outlet. All material must be supported with WP:Reliable verifiable independent sources. If an exhaustive list of rented/sold products can be found in a relevant source, that's nice, but Wikipedia is not a a PR sheet or a WP:CATALOG, and won't be used to host such exhaustive lists. It's also completely improper to delete sourced material without an WP:Edit summary or WP:Discussing in Talk. --Lexein (talk) 17:57, 30 September 2010 (UTC)

The following section has been copied from here.


I'm sitting in the Nortrax corporate office in Tampa, Florida. Visit the Nortrax web page and you can confirm that your source is wrong. I'm trying to properly update w/ sources however you keep correcting before I can do so. Your information and sources are incorrect. Yttrious (talk) 19:53, 30 September 2010 (UTC)

Thanks for finally discussing. It's one of the WP:Five pillars of Wikipedia.
  1. Anybody can say they're sitting in a corporate office somewhere.
  2. Please read WP:Conflict of interest. You may make small, non-controversial edits, but not wholesale replacement of sections, or removal of existing cited sources. If you are in any way associated with Nortrax, you may suggest changes to the article in its Talk page.
  3. Read WP:Citing sources. Until reliable, verifiable, independent 3rd-party sources are provided, do not make changes to the article which remove existing sources.
  4. You may thank Nortrax's web designers for failing to post enough corporate information to justify your claim that Florida is host to the headquarters. Historically, it's Moline, according to sources.
Again, due to COI, do not make changes to the article. Suggest changes in Talk. Make sure every claim made is reliably sourced by independent publications.
--Lexein (talk) 20:13, 30 September 2010 (UTC)
Due to WP:COI, do not revert edits without reliable sources. Superpages is not a reliable source. Long lists of marketing information are not permitted without reliable sources, and even then, again, Wikipedia is WP:NOT a Nortrax catalog. Finally, there is a rule called WP:3RR - further deletions on your part may result in your account being blocked. --Lexein (talk) 20:20, 30 September 2010 (UTC)

New building[edit]

I understand that it's frustrating that Wikipedia doesn't just let anybody say anything they want, but this is in everyone's best interest most of the time. Please keep discussing. Found this source which comes close, but still doesn't just say that Nortrax's headquarters has moved! In fact, Deere, Nortrax's majority stakeholder, is still in Moline.

--Lexein (talk) 11:48, 4 October 2010 (UTC)