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Could somebody please correct (or clarify, if there's a reason) the following, from the Royal Navy section, as the numbers given don't match the number of ships named:

  • 3 Battleships - Resolution, Rodney, Valiant, and Warspite.
  • 1 Battlecruiser - Renown and Repulse.
  • 5 Light Cruisers - Arethusa, Aurora, Coventry, Curlew, Enterprise, Galatea, and Penelope.

The article gives the impression that the Norwegian infantry regiments were intended to operate as tactical units. This was in fact not the case. In wartime the regiments were supposed to mobilize their battalions which would be formed into brigades four a piece. If higher level units became necessary the brigades would be formed into avsnitt and grupper - "sections" and "groups". In the end the mobilization in Southern Norway was so disrupted that only 4th Brigade was the only brigade established more or less in line with regulations, elsewhere units were gathered into improvised "groups" composed of whatever formations were at hand. Fornadan (t) 21:57, 30 August 2011 (UTC)