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This is a major web series and boasts itself as the first Social Reality Game. It is significant in its combination of web video series, alternate reality game and social network.

It also has hundreds of players and some wide press coverage, as evidenced by the pages in the reference section.

Social Reality Game?[edit]

The description given for 'SRG' sounds quite similar, if not identical, to what an ARG actually is. Is SRG just a buzzword, or does the creator (or the game, or of this page, whoever coined the phrase) not actually know what an ARG is? I've been following ARGs, sometimes as player, some as observer, and on one failed attempt as a Puppet Master (PM), and this sounds like exactly the same kind of thing. ARGs bring people together (social networking), and commonly feature videos (video series). They're already ARGs, so I don't need a qualifier for how that fits in. OmegaX123 (talk) 23:29, 11 February 2008 (UTC)