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Meaningless Content in Article; Terrible Style[edit]

"The epic nature of the adventures and the text itself creates a tremendous sense of meaning and purpose for the depicted themes and lessons."

WTF. — Muckapedia (talk) 5e avr. 2016 9h13 (−4h)

I've removed the sentence as original research.Dialectric (talk) 14:56, 5 April 2016 (UTC)

Why not mention the amphetamine use?[edit]

Odd that no mention is made of the depiction in the novel of recreational use of amphetamine (breaking open "inhalers"). — Preceding unsigned comment added by 2001:44B8:31E3:8800:AC59:2094:D80E:E0E9 (talk) 13:00, 10 June 2016 (UTC)

Partly inspired by A Texas Cowboy by Charlie Siringo?[edit]

A sketch near the start of the 1885 memoir A Texas Cowboy by Charlie Siringo shows him writing on a long roll of paper, and that book is also about travelling on long trips to and from places meeting various characters. Regarding writing on rolls of paper, I happened to read today that this is what the Marquis de Sade did in prison to more easily conceal his work. (talk) 10:50, 21 January 2018 (UTC)