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Proposed (Feb 2016) merger of Online Video Platform (OVP) and video hosting service[edit]

newbie here...Both of the above articles have the "proposed merger" banner but don't see any reasons or discussions. Hopefully I'm doing this right. suemactal Feb 8 2017

IMHO these are not candidates for merging but should remain linked. The two are way different. OVP's/OVP companies tend to be huge, if not global entities, while a single individual, given the right equipment, can host videos. OVP customer base, in the entertainment industry for example, include Showtime Networks, Acorn TV, and others. Video hosting services such as YouTube (before YouTube Red) are (or at least at the beginning of this ever-changing landscape, were) geared towards hosting UGC - user generated content for sharing etc. There is some cross-over of users/customers but from the OVP customer side...large companies use an OVP for their primary ($) content but also use video hosting services for clips and promotions, etc. Sometimes this is an add-on with OVP contracts but may also be independent of OVP contracts.

The articles need catch up with the changing times...and ongoing maintenance. I'm still in the learning/research phase but will do what I can. Comments anyone? Cheers! Suemactal (talk) 12:26, 8 February 2017 (UTC)

Merger Discussion taking place at Talk:video hosting service#Proposed (Feb 2016) merger of Online Video Platform (OVP) and video hosting service. Please confine discussions to one area. Thanks. GenQuest "Talk to Me" 16:43, 1 June 2017 (UTC)