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Is the IBM PC compatible an example of open hardware?

Well, no. Usually the electronic logic of any particular part of a PC is terribly proprietary, patented or copyrighted as much as the provider can manage. Open hardware actually places the logic design into the public domain, written in a specialized computer languages such as Verilog. See the OpenCores. User:Ray Van De Walker

I suggest create a Wikimedia project for free (open) hardware.

Open Graphics Project?[edit]

If you check out, you will see an example of a symbiosis between open source software, and (temporarily) closed hardware (with fully open interface specs). This is different from fully open hardware, where the internal design of the hardware is open from the start, but it's a bridge between fully supporting open source and being able to have temporarily proprietary control over the hardware for the sake of a transitional business model. I post this in the comments section, because, being the leader of the Open Graphics Project, I am unlikely to be able to present a totally unbiased perspective.