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Two issues[edit]

First, it is difficult to decide wether to disambiguate to operator (mathematics) or to operator (physics) on quantum physics pages, because both fit, and there is no community guideline on the matter that I know of (but then again, I new to Wikipedia). So far I had been disambiguating to operator (mathematics), but I'm beginning to doubt that it's the best strategy. Maybe it is a good idea to moveoperator (physics) to Mathematical operators in physics to resolve this conflict (I created the page to serve as a redirect for now). It is supported by the fact that operator (physics) is already very profilic and is mainly dealing with applications of operators to physics and not with their general description.

Second, disambiguation of operator to management is unsatisfactory since the latter article is not dealing the management _firms_ at all! --- Kallikanzaridtalk 09:18, 19 December 2010 (UTC)