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The opening section of this article is written in total military speak - isn't the purpose of an encyclopaedia to make a concept understandable to a general or wider audience? — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 12:03, 5 July 2012 (UTC)


My hat's off to the graphics maker. I know they're hard to make, but these are so full of errors they need to be pulled down and re-done by someone smarter than me who knows how to do it. I'll be glad to help. For example, the WW1 one has artillery battalions labeled as batteries and I have no idea what the symbology is for the division troops, but that isn't anything the Army uses. Any army. The 1989 one has stars for the brigades/DIVARTY, which should have an "X" (not sure what the star is supposed to represent, and these units were commanded by colonels so it's not because of any generals), and has some organization called a "staff company" that should be relabeled as an HHC (Headquarters and Headquarters Company). The graphic for the MI battalion is also wrong. As I wrote, I'm willing to help with the new graphics, but I don't know how to do it myself. CsikosLo (talk) 19:34, 17 April 2018 (UTC)