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org: 29 May 2005, quick and dirty; referenced term in Natural Gas. fabartus

Dig Right In, Please![edit]

  • I'm not really qualified anymore to take this article much further, and I just created it due to browsing across the term in Natural Gas while waiting for source materials which have now arrived. My Chemistry is 25-30 years old, so Have at it if you are a better 'guru'. I'm really not all that keen on taking the necessary time to relearn all I'd need to finish it beyond this background discussion, and I have some doubts that I got all of this correct as it is!

Bon Voyage! And best wishes.

03:56, 22 Jun 2005 (UTC)

Start sulfurane article[edit]

I have starting rough work on this organosulfur article. Please let me know if anyone thinks that I am being too heavy handed or if the article is missing something big. Here are some ideas that one might pursue:

  • move much of the very complete description of sulfuranes to a separate dedicated article. These beautiful compounds are not the usual thing that one needs to know about when consulting a general article, IMHO.
  • build up the interesting beneficial organoS molecules. Ideas welcome. It would satisfying to show that these stinkers have benefits.
  • redo the pollution thing. Most S-based pollution is not organoS but SOx, I would guess.
  • general references to major reviews and monographs (vs. specialized research articles).

--Smokefoot 00:34, 30 September 2006 (UTC)

please do not delete wiki content[edit]

Please do not delete Wiki content in edits. It is harmful. Try to focus on creating new creative content and not move around existing material ad infinitum or delete existing material. The references in this article to organic reactions involving organosulfur intermediates notably the Pummerer rearrangement and sulfonium ylides I view as valid. Thanks V8rik 19:26, 1 October 2006 (UTC)