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Paleobiota help[edit]


This section contains pre-made code that can be copy and pasted into articles containing paleobiota tables. To save space, not all of the code is visible, additional code can be found by simply viewing this section's edit page.

Premade rowspans:

| rowspan="2" |

| rowspan="3" |

| rowspan="4" |

| rowspan="5" |

| rowspan="6" |

| rowspan="7" |

Replacement headings for "Presence" column

! Location
! Stratigraphic position
! Material

Replacement headings for "Taxa" column

Cell background colors[edit]

The background colors of the cells are a means to communicate the relevant organism's taxonomic status.

Color key
Taxon Reclassified taxon Taxon falsely reported as present Dubious taxon or junior synonym Ichnotaxon Ootaxon Morphotaxon
Uncertain or tentative taxa are in small text; crossed out taxa are discredited.

Red for reclassified and preoccupied

|style="background:#fbdddb;" |

Purple for taxa falsely reported as present:

|style="background:#f3e9f3;" |

Dark grey for discredited taxa:

|style="background:#E6E6E6;" |

Peach for Ichnotaxa:

|style="background:#FEF6E4;" |

Light blue for Ootaxa:

|style="background:#E3F5FF;" |

Light green for Morphotaxa:

|style="background:#D1FFCF;" |

Palebiota expansion[edit]

Here is a list of non-dinosaurian reptiles from the Oxford Clay:


1. Liopleurodon ferox Sauvage, 1873

2. Marmornectes candrewi Ketchum and Benson, 2011

3. Simolestes vorax Andrews, 1913

4. "Pliosaurus" andrewsi Tarlo, 1960

5. Peloneustes philarchus (Seeley, 1869)

6. Pachycostasaurus dawnii Cruickshank, Martill, David, and Noe, 1996

7. Cryptocleidus eurymerus (Philips, 1871)

8. Cryptocleidus richardsoni (Lydekker, 1889)

9. Tricleidus seelyi Andrews, 1909

10. Muraenosaurus leedsi Seeley, 1874 (=Tremamesacleis platyclis [Seeley, 1892])

11. Muraenosaurus beloclis (Seeley, 1892) (type species of Picrocleidus Andrews, 1909)


1. Ophthalmosaurus icenicus Seeley, 1874


1. "Rhamphorhynchus" jessoni Lydekker, 1890

Marine crocodiles:

1. Suchodus brachyrhynchus (Eudes-Deslongchamps, 1867)

2. Suchodus durobrivensis Lydekker, 1890

3. Gracilineustes leedsi (Andrews, 1913)

4. Metriorhynchus superciliosus (Blainville, 1853)

5. Steneosaurus edwardsi Eudes-Deslongchamps, 1867

6. Steneosaurus leedsi Andrews, 1909

7. Steneosaurus durobrivensis Andrews, 1909

8. Steneosaurus obtusidens Andrews, 1909

9. New genus and species (Young et. al., in press)

Young MT, Andrade MB, Brusatte SL, Sakamoto M, Liston J (2012) The oldest known metriorhynchid super-predator: a new genus and species from the Middle Jurassic of England, with implications for serration and mandibular evolution in predacious clades. J Syst Palaeontol. In press. (talk) 20:29, 10 November 2012 (UTC)Vahe Demirjian