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Chronology (Bio) Dimension[edit]

This article is, at present, mainly an attempt at biography. It could, conceivably, also make some attempt at philosophical introduction (i.e., say something about the Ouspensky/Gurdjieff approach to human development), but I leave that aside in this message.

Just wanted to point out that Ouspensky spent part of his teaching career living in New York City (after London, and perhaps before returning to London). I'm not certain of the years, but I believe it was in the 1940s. Someone should look into this and add some more bits.

An aside but maybe useful to you travelers. When bumming around Europe in the 60's I had a copy of Ouspensky's In Search of the Miraculous. Sitting with it at a cafe or on a train I would be approached by some rather interesting characters who had some familiarity with him. Often it would be the beginning of rather odd adventures. I'm sure other books also worked this way for folks but I doubt if they would attract quite as interesting folks to sit down with you. Mike Logghe

Sounds like fun! :-) ThePeg 14.7.2006

Summary of the master piece[edit]

Anyone going to write a run down of Tertium Organum? That is one of the most important books ever written, the ideas are so enourmous and groundbreaking, and there is not really much on it. Maybe it is hard to understand just how big it is. I remember in Fragments G. said of TE something like, he would bow down and beg Ouspensky to teach him if Ouspensky actually understood what he had written. Anyone planning on writing this? --Asdfg12345 22:17, 18 March 2007 (UTC)

Not to my knowledge. I can't do it cause I am busy with Beelzebub's Tales. If you read the book by all means if you want make the article. Aeuio 02:24, 19 March 2007 (UTC)
Considering that even The Fourth way article is a stub, I don't see Tertium Organum developing anytime soon.Yeago 03:36, 20 March 2007 (UTC)

Yeah I don't have time to do it. I think it is such a mystery and also a shame that the book is so little known.--Asdfg12345 04:15, 20 March 2007 (UTC)

Well, please find the time and contribute. Who else will do it? Do you think me and AEUIO like to do it all? =) Find your place.Yeago 06:05, 20 March 2007 (UTC)

Name as Ouspensky[edit]

On 22 October 2006 this article was moved to Peter Uspensky, but in all english language publications of his works that I am aware of, this author is named as Peter D. Ouspensky or simply P. D. Ouspensky, and I believe the article should return to using this name. ~ Kalki 21:14, 3 March 2007 (UTC)

AgreedYeago 21:58, 3 March 2007 (UTC)
Ok, someone make the switch. Aeuio 11:47, 4 March 2007 (UTC)

Yeago's link removal[edit]

Yeago, I noticed you removed the link to the Fellowship of Friends page from the External Links section because "it is not an external link." Where is the place for that link since it is a Wikipedia page connected to P. D. Ouspensky? This is from the Fellowship of Friends page: "The Fellowship of Friends was founded as a school for spiritual development in the Fourth Way tradition, also known as 'esoteric Christianity', which has been transmitted in this century by George Gurdjieff, Peter Ouspensky and Rodney Collin." Thank you. Mario Fantoni 23:49, 10 May 2007 (UTC)

I checked other articles and references to related Wikipedia pages are listed usually ïn the "See also" section, so I created that section and added the link. Mario Fantoni 23:53, 10 May 2007 (UTC)
Hey buddy. We may incorporate the fellowship of friends into the 'Teaching's after Gurdjieff and Ouspensky' link at Fourth way, however, Fellowship of friends has nothing to do with Ouspensky. Just like you wouldn't add The Simpsons to George W. Bush simply because the show referenced GWB. Now, the reverse isn't true--Ouspensky has much to do with fellowship. I would like to add the FoF link but only with some context, in the section I mentioned above, because, frankly, to get Ouspensky you don't really need FoF.Yeago 06:30, 11 May 2007 (UTC)
And the full quote from the fof page is "It is a different form of a Fourth Way school than the one presented by George Gurdjieff and Peter Ouspensky" Aeuio 11:41, 11 May 2007 (UTC)


"Fourth Way schools" and Fourth Way in general is more concentrated on by Ouspensky than Gurdjieff so I have transfered some of that info here so someone who's interested can add on. Aeuio 02:19, 15 June 2007 (UTC)

Strange Life of Ivan Osokin[edit]

I'm in the novels wikiproject and I'm starting an article on the strange life of Ivan Osokin so I updated the works section accordingly --Gurdjieff (talk) 01:57, 7 April 2008 (UTC)

Date of birth[edit]

It seems to be either 4th or 5th March 1878. The Ouspensky Foundation's website prefers 5th March - [1]. Do we know if these date are OS or NS? -- JackofOz (talk) 17:00, 8 May 2008 (UTC)


I removed the interpolation about Eliphas Levi and whether or not Crowley and Gurdjieff understood him because it is not sourced to credible scholarship, presumes that certain esoteric beliefs are factual, and lacks relevance to this article. I also removed two sentences about the influence of the Vedas and the 19th century Fourth Dimension concept on mathematics. Although interesting, this material has no relevance to a bio of Ouspensky. If there are references in credible works of scholarship to a specific Ouspensky influence on contemporary mathematics or science, then certainly that should be added. I think Ouspensky is of sufficient importance that the description of his ideas should be greatly expanded, but don't have time to do so.--Dking (talk) 22:30, 11 September 2008 (UTC)


The Psychology of Man's Possible Evolution link doesn't work in the external link section. (talk) 15:56, 11 November 2008 (UTC)

Extended Bibliography (Ekabhishek (talk) 17:22, 18 November 2008 (UTC))

This is supposed to be an encyclopaedia, so why are editors here not even trying to make sense?[edit]

"The psychiatrist Dr. Sjoernval who was also a follower of Gurdjieff in Russia mentioned to Ouspensky that this was what professor Wundt meant by apperception. Ouspensky refused to believe it. Gurdjieff explained the Rosicrucian principle that in order to bring about a result or manifestation, three things are necessary. With self-remembering and self-observation two things are present. The third one is explained by Ouspensky in his tract on Conscience: it is the non-expression of negative emotions.[23][24]"

What the f. is that about? —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 06:10, 7 December 2010 (UTC)

External links modified[edit]

Hello fellow Wikipedians,

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