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There are no active tasks for this page

    (Draft for consensual tasks)

    • Find pubmed and scholarly book citations to justify information on the page
    • Expand sections with referenced information, in particular, sections lacking main articles
    • Add treatment information - opiate and non-opiate drugs (possibly just expand management section)
    • Expand on mechanism by which drugs reduce pain
    • Find a way either in this article or in another article to include in WP the many understandings of pain that are found in all/most cultures/philosophies including the historical development of the current scientific understanding of pain.
    • Include reference to the current non-scientific understandings/uses of "pain".
    • Create a section on the physiology of emotional pain (if possible)
    • Create a section on the subjective, experiential nature of pain.
    • Add material on the ascribing of pain to other humans, animals, beings.
    • Expand (after split) [nociceptor] to give info on responses to nociception
    • Create section on [central pain]
    • Tidy up Category:Pain, and arrange the contents of the main article "Pain" to reflect how the topic is delt with in Wikipedia, and rewrite the introduction to reflect the contents of the article.
    • Resolve, for Wikipedia purposes, the language issue concerning the word pain: how shall we deal unequivocally throughout the encyclopedia, especially with regard to duplication and crossreferences, with the various meanings, uses or definitions that are involved. Associated terms include suffering, nociception, and perhaps others like unpleasantness, painfulness...