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Some Suggestions[edit]

Overall this article provides a concise and clear summary regarding the basics of the subject of paleozoology, however it could use some updating, added content and additional references added.

  • Although the article is fully cited, it relies extremely heavily on the Quantitative Paleozoology book by Lyman (2008). Additionally only one of the four total citations is by an author other than Lyman which raises some concerns. Though I am not very familiar with this particular author it is best to consult a wider range of references since it is difficult to trust the information within an article which focuses most of the findings on a single scientist.
  • The section on quantitative paleozoology was quite detailed and I enjoyed learning about the various methods used in this process which were spelled out and summarized very well. However, the same issue as stated in the point above arises when only a single source is cited as a reference for this paragraph. Similarly, the Vertebrate Paleozoology section only references a single author as well.
  • I can somewhat understand why the section on Conservation Biology was included but it does seem rather out of place in this entry regarding paleozoology. It could use a bit more explanation as to how it relates to the topic overall. The reference to R. Lee Lyman within this paragraph along with the heavy reliance of their work in particular as a source for this article leads one to think there could be some bias within the article. This may not be the case but it would really help to further expand your reference list.
  • There are really only a few sections within this article (Vertebrate Paleozoology, Quantitative Paleozoology and Conservation Biology) but there are many other areas of the subject that are not included that I think would be a good addition.

I am hoping to add to this article soon to increase the breadth of topics within the subject of Paleozoology but I think this is a good start! Sylerb 00:16, 25 April 2017 (UTC) — Preceding unsigned comment added by Sylerb (talkcontribs)