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Several (fixable) problems.[edit]

In reviewing this article at AfC my overall concern was the tone of the article: it reads a bit too much like a press release. A few examples:

  1. "Always interested in art...." (Should probably be deleted.)
  2. "Co-leader of the St Patrick’s Day parade, St Louis, Missouri, 1988" (This seems like resume padding, and the subject of this article is notable enough not to need it.)
  3. "The most widely distributed tourist map of Dublin, The Dublin Visitor Map (13 million copies to date)[7] , was designed by Liddy in 1999 (in conjunction with the Dublin City Business Association) and is annually updated by him." Consider instead: "Liddy designed the Dublin Vistor Map in 1999 and has continued to update it annually. Over 13 million copies of the map have been distributed, making it the most widely used tourist map in Dublin." The tone is a bit more reserved, and perhaps a bit more pedantic—which is a good thing, at least in an encyclopedia.

The other concern was lack of citations. Ideally, every fact in the article should be accompanied by a citation. Additionally, there should be several more citations about Liddy and his work, not just documenting this accomplishment (in particular reviews of his books and exhibitions).

Based on the spot checking I did I'm satisfied that this is a fixable article, and since it languished so long in the AfC queue I was reluctant to hold it up longer by insisting the problems be fixed before I was accepted. In the main, though, this is a fine effort for a first article and I hope Magdalew returns to create several more. Garamond Lethet
22:51, 18 February 2013 (UTC)

PS: An infobox should be used for the basic biographical facts. Garamond Lethet
23:00, 18 February 2013 (UTC)