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Greek patris?[edit]

Is it correct that it originates from Greek patris; I was under the impression it was derived from Latin patr- 'father' and -ia 'land'. -- Cabalamat 19:15, 11 September 2006 (UTC)

From @PATRIA user: Mr.Cabalamat its correct that "patris" is a greek word till now, your opinion about the latin one "patr=father" is correct but in ancient greece the word Pater=fater also, that means patr(as a latin word) is coming from the ancient word Pater and have the same meaning (father) , but due to the very old of the word Pater made us to say that finally the word "Patris" comes from the word "pater" (as greek word) and has the same meaning as Patr or padre of the latin/italian word.