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External links[edit]

Morwen (in the discussion that's been moved) described the Suspect Thoughts site as Califia's "official" website. The official site is presumably, but it links to the other and the two have the same format, with Suspect Thoughts having much more information, so I've included both. (Incidentally, whether male or female, Califia has always been American, so I Americanized "judgemental" and "whilst".) JamesMLane 13:55, 22 Jun 2004 (UTC)

Query on type of writings[edit]

I note in the first paragraph it states that Pat Caliphia writes on "women's sexuality" ... not to create a huge debate, but his writings are broad enough in subject matter that I would drop "women's" and just say "sexuality" or something like "sexuality, alternative sexuality and gender". "women's sexuality" seems a bit narrow and tame. And I say that not because I'm arguing for her greatness and impact, but because ... I think it *underrepresents* and in that way misrepresents what Caliphia's about. In some senses someone who doesn't know who Caliphia is ... could be in for a shock following some of the links from this article. IMHO. erraunt