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Speedy Deletion[edit]

I've just (within the last 5 minutes) completed a "starter article" for Peel Hotels, and found that suddenly a "Speedy Deletion" tag's been added on.

I'm relatively inexperienced when it comes to Wikipedia, and I'm not 100% sure why this has been added. Was it by a person or a bot? What does "does not cite the importance of a real person" mean?

I thought I'd done everything right - ok it's not as big as the Hilton page but then again it's a smaller company. I cited references. I did an infobox. I found and uploaded a logo. The page is linked to from the Thistle Hotels page (Thistle sold some hotels to Peel). It probably deserves a "STUB" heading because I don't have time to fully research it today, and there's mroe to be added, but I'd certainly dispute that it should be deleted for an as yet unknown reason.


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