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Relating to the copyright issue below - this whole article smacks of advertisement for the promotion of this Paul Rogers person. I think we should seriously consider removing this article and moving anything relevant to an article simply about "low key" photography. (talk) 12:45, 1 May 2012 (UTC)


It is uncertain if the following is clear of copyright. RJFJR (talk) 15:35, 8 January 2011 (UTC)

Article about Pellier noir style and why it is so important to Event Photography was written by Mike Weeks in 2009

The problem with social event photography is that you do not just photograph couples, you can end up photographing everything from an individual to a group of 20 or more. The traditional method has been to set up 2 lights at 45 degrees and perform cross lighting to give a plane of light of the same exposure. There is no drama but it is safe and effective for a quick workflow. Then along comes Paul Rogers and Pellier Noir. Paul Rogers and the Pellier Noir style have created excitement in the UKs event photography market and given a further high quality option to using a bright white background such as by the Lastolite Hi-Lite.

Well what is it that is so different? Well Paul specialises in events where the normal group size will be no more than 4 although when called upon he can deal with much larger groups and therefore he is able to configure his lighting to add drama in a way that would normally only be found in a studio environment. There are many people that have copied and a number that have written about how to re-create the style but none of them have fully understood and got it right.

There is of course some magic and that is the 6 month search to find a background that would photograph true-black under his lighting setup - something that the manufacturers are still working on. The only source for these true-black backgrounds is from Paul Rogers himself. The story does not end there, because just why is it that Paul manages to get those expressions that show just how much fun people are having at the event - its not magic, its Phototainment, the art of turning the event photographer into being a major part of why people attend a function. So whilst I cant explain the lighting or sell you the background I can give you this - the real point of the article - your customers need to enjoy themselves Your appearance needs to be such that you look like a professional. You need examples of your work that show how good you make people look. The selling starts from the first moment that they see you and is progressed when you speak to them. If you look like you are enjoying yourself the feeling spreads. Happy customers show other customers

Event photography is developing, the needs and the demands of the customer are changing, and as event photographers we have a need to move with the market, but we also need the innovators to promote and develop interest, Pellier Noir is one way that we can do that, but at all events regardless of the lighting and the background we use, we can remember the points above.'

Mike Weeks is the founder of The Event Photographer Society the most informative resource for event photographers.''

In July 2010 Paul Rogers rebranded Pellier Event Photography to Pellier Noir to embrace the new brand and style.