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Pente vs. Renju vs. Ninuki-Renju[edit]

Is it really correct to say that Pente is a "simplification of Renju"? It seems that Renju lacks the possibility of capturing opponent's stones. --AxelBoldt

The article doesn't say that Pente is a simplification of renju. Ninuki-renju isn't renju. --Zundark, 2001 Dec 3

What is the difference between pente and ninuki-renju? Shouldn't we have an article on ninuki-renju or renju? -- SJK

The difference between Pente and ninuki-renju is explained in one of the external web-pages linked in the article. --Zundark, 2001 Dec 4

Which one, and why couldn't it also be clarified in the Wikipedia text? Surely a one-sentence mention of the actual difference wouldn't be too much to ask for... JC 09:27, 15 February 2006 (UTC)
Oh, I see. There's really only one that talks about it. I think Ninuki-renju should have its own section here, to talk a bit more about it... I am not much of an expert, though, and I wouldn't necessarily trust just one source (as it seems there are various Pente rules to begin with, considering differences of how to begin play and so on). Anyone have enough experience with Ninuki-renji to discuss it? If not, I might just have to do some research myself and spend some time actually working on it :) JC 09:35, 15 February 2006 (UTC)
While you're at it, you mind as well check up the differences between Gomoku and Connect6 along with those named above and edit respective articles. 21:30, 19 February 2006 (UTC)
It appears just by looking at the articles that there's a huge difference between the two. Gomoku is like Pente, only without capturing, it seems... Connect6 has each player making two moves each turn (they get to play two stones for their turn) except for Black's first turn (where they only get one), and the goal is to get six in a row instead of only five... -JC 14:00, 20 February 2006 (UTC)

Another name[edit]

"The community has apparently not found a generic term that applies only to games with these rules."

Pente does have another name: Quinta. This name was used by a shareware implementation (probably one of many) many years ago, but I don't know the status of the name. -- Smjg 19:56, 14 Jun 2004 (UTC)

Hang on ... just looked at the external link. So white places one, black places two, then they place one per turn? That's not the same as Quinta, which is straight one per turn from the start and no restrictions on where stones are placed (except obviously, must be on an empty point). Otherwise it's the same, except that the version I played was red and green, and the computer would always take the centre before a random point if it knows no better move.... -- Smjg 11:06, 4 Aug 2004 (UTC)

More than two players[edit]

The version I've always played had anywhere from the traditional two players to five or six, using various colored glass pieces... Is that a niche version, or does the current article just leave it out? Cursed Pretzel

I play that version too! normally 3 or 4 player and its much harder that way, the version i play is to capture you must bracket 2 stones of the same colour with 2 of your own often this game ends with 5 captures rather than a pente Dasy2k1 —Preceding undated comment was added at 05:43, 16 November 2008 (UTC).

Game must have been from 1977 or before.[edit]

I have a Pente game that has the copywrite.... Gabrel 1977 @ Pente Games Co. I don't remember when I got it but it must have been from around that time in Tulsa. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Mcsoares (talkcontribs) 03:17, 21 January 2007 (UTC).

I would like to add the following :[edit]

You have a Pente game that's copywrited in 1977 ,and I remember playing Tessera on a Sega Megadrive many years ago, so the author of the article could do some research to find the games series in electronic form . By the way I happen to be Greek and Tria , Tessera , Pente is er... Greek for 3 , 4 , 5 . 00:47, 13 June 2007 (UTC)


I rearranged the paragraphs of the history section into a more chronological order. I'm no expert on Pente, so feel free to work on it more. There are a couple of paragraphs that had line-breaks in them that maybe were meant to be paragraph breaks, though I assumed not. Also, it seems there are some gaps and missing dates in the history. -- Logotu (talk) 21:06, 17 July 2008 (UTC)


Much of this article is subject to deletion due to violations of WP:OR and WP:V, to say nothing of WP:V WP:N.

You did say WP:V. Twice. :D --Walter Görlitz (talk) 04:47, 30 August 2009 (UTC)

Look, I love Pente as much as the next guy, and only wish my kids didn't have computers so they'd still play it with me. But all these personalized versions that have been added to this article simply don't belong here, for the aforementioned reasons. I'll wait a while for others to comment before returning with my chain saw. Unschool 02:43, 30 August 2009 (UTC)

You could chop, or you could check the External links section to see if any of them mention the rules you have concerns about. If there are, any that need citations, use {{citation needed|date=Month YEAR}} instead. We can't read your mind. --Walter Görlitz (talk) 04:47, 30 August 2009 (UTC)
I have looked at the external sources, and with respect, I don't think a single one appears to meet WP:RS.Unschool 05:27, 30 August 2009 (UTC)

I recently rewrote the article to tone down the original research and other non-encyclopedic content. If it's still a problem, just consider merging any useful info into Go_variants and having both Pente and Megiddo redirect there. Alternatively, you could try to improve the article yourself instead of just pointing out its flaws. (talk) 00:54, 11 March 2013 (UTC)

Pente: Invented by Stillwater, OK man[edit]

I have been playing on a very old pente set. It was being played at Hideaway Pizza in Stillwater, OK ever since I can recall. It is rumored to have been invented there. Can someone check this? I find it unusual that it isn't mentioned here, since it is mentioned in the instructions, itself. And yes, Pente can and is still played by more than 2. (talk) —Preceding undated comment added 22:56, 4 February 2013 (UTC)