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New Correction[edit]

I did some simple corrections to solve the problem in the old Persia which was a completely incorrect disambig page and had been caused about 858 articles to point to a wrong location.

1. Persia now have its own disambig page

2. And Persian its own disambig.

3. The item Perspolis had nothing to do in any of disambig pages above.

4. This way, I removed Redirection from Persian to Persia and made each page individual.

Note that the term Persia in 99% of places refers to ancient name of Iran and I think I could sacrifice those references in articles of city names in U.S. like Persia, Iowa and Persia, New York and Persia, California, in order to correct the other 99% of articles.


I definitely agree that, when referring to a place, 'Persia' almost always means 'Iran'. However, it does not always refer to a place. People often link to "Persian music" and such. --Smack (talk) 04:31, 24 January 2006 (UTC)

"Persian" as a state of a mental and emotional condition[edit]

Exhibiting "Persian" (adjective) is a psychological and physiological state characterized by cognitive, emotional, and behavioral components. These components combine to create an unpleasant feeling that is typically associated with uneasiness, fear, anxiety, sadness, panic, or worry. (ie. I have Persian.)

Persian is a mood condition that occurs without an identifiable triggering stimulus. It occurs commonly when an individual is going through major life changes or dilemmas. Often, the individual is ponders the issue(s) at hand over and over and works himself into an emotional disaster. Common side effects of Persian include sudden inflamed skin (Acne), weight loss, loss of appetite, antisocial behavior and general discomfort with the quality of life. —Preceding unsigned comment added by Mandana07 (talkcontribs) 23:34, 28 July 2009 (UTC)


I made two changes: 1 - Persian refers to the farsi speaking world at large. When you talk about persian literature or authors, those are farsi speaking authors from Afghanistan and Tajikistan as well, not just Iran. 2 - Persians are not minorities in Afghanistan and Tajikistan. More than 50% of Afghans are Persians (Tajiiks and Hazaras), and more than 90% of the population of Tajikistan is Persian.