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Hi all, is it possible for someone to answer my question regarding 'Private Messages' on forums?

Is it illegal/legal for Administrators to view member's PM's on a forum if a problem is suspected or pointed out to them by another member?

Cheers, Pete.


Does wikipedia have pms? —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 02:55, 18 February 2010 (UTC)

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The wikipedia page that we’re editing is “personal message,” We will be adding 5 sections to this page: introduction, history, real life application, controversy, and source citations. We have already found a pretty expansive list of sources and are working towards typing up each section.

Peer Review[edit]

I like this article especially the introduction paragraph. Editors give a well-round definition of PM(personal message) and precisely grasp two key characteristics of personal message, privacy and efficiency. However, some parts of the article might need to be more clear and complete.

First, the introduction part in some degree separated personal message into two types: social platforms and private messaging services. It may neglect that some social platforms have private messaging services and private messaging services also have some sort of social aspect function. These two types are hard to distinguish because each has the other's characteristics.

Second, the history part concentrates too much on emails and social media. As a result, letters, telegraph or other kind of personal messages are not mentioned in the article. If editors can add history of other possible types of personal messages to the this part, readers will have the opportunity to get more complete and comprehensive information from this.

Third, "Social media" section and "Etiquette of personal messaging" can be combined into one section like "modern personal messages" to cover a wider range of topics of personal messages and avoid unclarity caused by those two highly related sections.

Despite some tiny problems, you guys did a really good job. Good luck to your rest of the course. Wzc369Wzc369 (talk) 20:57 24 March 2014 (UTC)