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The page Peter Deunov was deleted during April (see the record at Wikipedia:Articles for deletion) due to a number of arguments, some reasonable, and some simply resulting from misunderstandings that were engendered by the low quality of the article in use at the time. The decision to delete was taken unanimously and WP:NUKEANDPAVE was suggested. It was not possible to repair the article, and in fact, it was so problematic that there was doubt whether Peter Deunov (who everyone in Bulgaria knows as a name) is even historically notable.

This new version attempts to address the issues raised and be in line with the last comment before the deletion: coverage by reliable sources that are independent of Peter Deunov (where possible) or at least without any bias, and re-creating an article in proportion to that coverage.

As emphasized in the current (new) article, Peter Deunov was not just a local Bulgarian figure, but a significant historical individual who left a large legacy with a contribution to the spiritual heritage of mankind. There are enough reliable references provided to prove the first point, such as publications by established and *independent* Bulgarian historians and opinion polls. One should not reasonably expect much independent scholarship in English for the second point, however, Peter Deunov's legacy is cataloged, works are counted etc. in Bulgarian and so it is possible to form a good picture. Thus, what is in the article at the moment is definitely enough to establish notability under WP:BIO.

Beyond this, the version of Peter Deunov suggested here is a minimalistic one that tries to take the middle road between too much and too little detail by providing basic facts about Peter Deunov that are referenced, while avoiding points that can raise disputes, which inevitably happen when people of strong conviction try to enforce their viewpoints.

In connection with this it should be said that the editing of the equivalent Wikipedia article in Bulgarian was locked on at least one occasion by the admins due to the aggressive behaviour of authors associated with Society White Brotherhood, Bulgaria — the organization claiming to be heir of Peter Deunov's spiritual school. Similar disputes happened on the English version on Wikipedia when the Society on 26 July 2006 purged the then current version and put their own text (which constituted the version of the article that is now deleted), with the following comment that effectively claims "ownership", quoted here verbatim:

"IMPORTANT: Any change in the text presenting the Master Beinsa Douno has to be discussed beforehand here on this page, as well as in the Brotherly Council of the Society White Brotherhood, Bulgaria. If changes are done without this discussion, they will be considered SPAM ATTACK and will be liquidated. We remind everybody again to deal with this texts with the due respect and Internet culture. Wikipedia has strict rules for work and edits, be so kind to follow them.

Without fear in the Endless Love!

Society White Brotherhood, Bulgaria"

This discussion was documented on the previous Talk page, and is archived online also at [1].

As mentioned above, the article created by the Brotherly Council was exactly the one that was deleted. Enough said on this, I think.

As for the future of the new article I put, anyone is welcome to improve it. So long as no one tries to resurrect the problems of the old deleted article, I think the Peter Deunov page will be here to stay and, hopefully, provide useful and relevant information to readers on an important historical figure. Quartz (talk) 01:28, 20 July 2014 (UTC)[reply]


Correct spelling[edit]

The correct spelling would be Peter Dunov or Peter Dunoff. Please, consider changing it. SaltyViking (talk) 14:37, 11 July 2023 (UTC)[reply]