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Re: Article should be deleted[edit]

While I agree with Larry's evaluation that this original article was pretty bad, I disagree that there shouldn't be an article here. There certainly shouldn't be an article titled "Phenomenon" in a general paper encyclopedia, but I think the habits and expectations of the users of Wikipedia are such that some dictionary-like entries are warranted. The major factor, I think, is the search box. People type words into a search box, and if there's an article titled by that word alone, they will gravitate toward that as their first place to look. Such words, then, should have brief articles describing how the word is used in various contexts, with links to real articles.

Of course, most of the links in the existing article are irrelevant, because they are simple examples of the ordinary, everyday dictionary meaning of the word, so there's no need to collect them. But certainly a simple entry along the lines of "Here's what the word means in ordinary English, and here's how certain philosophers have used it in specific contexts..." is not out of place.

As to which English words deserve such entries and which don't, I think the determining factor is whether or not the word does have some very-specific jargon meanings in one or more narrow contexts; those are the kinds of things a dictionary wouldn't cover. --LDC

I could actually agree with the second to last paragraph here--it entirely depends on how it were done--but in any case, I wouldn't say it's a huge priority. Every ordinary term occasionally used as jargon in every field could be given the treatment described, I guess. --Larry Sanger

I have restored material which links to other pages which are useful. Fredbauder 20:16 Oct 25, 2002 (UTC)

The point is that they aren't useful (under these titles). --Larry Sanger

My two cents: This is an important article. -- AstroU (talk) 22:23, 5 December 2015 (UTC)

The "Trump phenomenon" is in the media[edit]

Started with Rush Limbaugh and others, this 'phenomenon' is taking off.

Headline-1: The Republican Establishment Hates Trump Because He Owns the Media

QUOTE: "the Trump phenomenon is a phenomenon [where] Donald Trump owns the media." -- AstroU (talk) 22:36, 5 December 2015 (UTC) -- PS: FYI for future editing. And we can expand later.

Phenomenal Universe[edit]

As a starting point. ...In Physics, the phenomena of fundamental interactions... ...In Philosophy, the phenomena of space, time and observation... ...In Ontology, the phenomenon of Being...

That phenomena in the Universe has no ending point..Arnlodg (talk) 00:30, 16 June 2017 (UTC)[1]

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