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Dupont and Fournier[edit]

There seems to be a misconception about Fournier-Sarvolèse getting in repeated duels with Dupont de l'Étang. Elting states, "...he became part of its legends through the series of duels he fought with another officer known only as 'Dupont' from 1794 to 1813."[1] That implies it's not the famous Dupont, known for his service at Friedland and then the surrender at Bailen. Furthermore, Dupont de l'Étang was always ahead of Fournier in rank, and dueling with a superior was unlikely to be tolerated due to its implications to military order and command. They also didn't serve in the same theaters very often, especially after Dupont's disgrace in 1808. The mysterious Dupont who dueled Fournier is not the same man as Dupont de l'Étang. Checkn8 (talk) 22:43, 26 July 2015 (UTC)

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