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Platinum Metals Review has been re-launched as Johnson Matthey Technology Review.[edit]

Hi, The peer-reviewed journal formerly known as Platinum Metals Review was relaunched on the 16th July 2014 with a new name and URL as Johnson Matthey Technology Review [1]

Johnson Matthey Technology Review is a peer-reviewed scientific journal which will publish reviews and short reports focusing on science and technology in a range of areas relevant to the industrial interests of Johnson Matthey Plc. These include: Advanced Functional Materials; Analytical Technologies; Biocatalysis; Electronics; Emissions Control; Energy Conversion & Storage; Industrial Processes; Metallurgy; Modelling; Nanotechnology; Pharmaceuticals and Fine Chemicals; Purification; and Sustainability. For more information, please read our Editorial Policy. [2]

The new journal is available online at [3] and continues to build on the company’s 58 years supporting the publication of scientific research.

The journal welcomes submissions from all researchers in academia or industry who are working in the above areas of interest. Other subjects may be considered at the Editors’ discretion. For more advice please contact the editorial team. [4]

The UK ISSN centre has also issued the journal with a new number to reflect this name change: Johnson Matthey technology review, ISSN 2056-5135.

Please feel to verify these links and we would be grateful if the page could be updated to reflect this change. Thanks, Dan Carter. (talk) 09:37, 27 July 2014 (UTC)