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Talk page discussion through August 10, 2007: [1]

Reverting pending discussion and consensus[edit]

I have just reverted Watchdog07's proposed changes, pending discussion and consensus. WP:CON states, "Consensus is Wikipedia's fundamental model for editorial decision-making."

Watchdog07 is mistaken about what the consensus view is here. Please see what Haemo and I worked out on 8-9 June (above):

  • "ICAPE, the AHE, the PAE, and the IWGVT are in, while URPE and others are yet to be verified as specifically part of the movement for pluralism"
  • the sentence on COPE should read: "Critique of Political Economy, a more broadly-focused "critical-pluralistic" interdisciplinary journal, is a project of the IWGVT."

Watchdog07's changes seem highly non-neutral to me. In any case, there is as yet no consensus that they should be made. Please let's discuss and arrive at consensus before making any major changes to the article. andrew-the-k 00:07, 11 August 2007 (UTC)

This is what we agreed on, but I wouldn't call it consensus, since the only other editor closely involved in this page, Watchdog07, stated that he was taking a WikiBreak. So, I guess we really have to just re-open this discussion — I urge everyone to just stay cool, be civil, and make their case below. --Haemo 04:42, 16 August 2007 (UTC)