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Out of date controversies[edit]

I removed some out of date controversies. Rather than revert, how about some fresher contoversies?

"While listing the polar bear as a threatened species, the Interior Department added a seldom-used stipulation to allow oil and gas exploration and development to proceed in areas inhabited by polar bears, provided companies continue to comply with the existing restrictions of the Marine Mammal Protection Act. The main new protection for polar bears under the terms of the listing is that hunters will no longer be able to import trophies from the hunting of polar bears in Canada.[1]

The ruling followed several years of controversy. On 17 February 2005 the Center for Biological Diversity filed a petition asking that the polar bear be listed under the Endangered Species Act. An agreement was reached and filed in Federal district court on 5 June 2006. On 9 January 2007, the United States Fish and Wildlife Service proposed to list the polar bear as a threatened species. A final decision was required by law by 9 January 2008, at which time the agency said it needed another month. On 7 March 2008, the inspector general of the U.S. Department of the Interior began a preliminary investigation into why the decision had been delayed for nearly two months. The investigation is in response to a letter signed by six environmental groups that United States Fish and Wildlife Director Dale Hall violated the agency's scientific code of conduct by delaying the decision unnecessarily, allowing the government to proceed with an auction for oil and gas leases in the Alaska's Chukchi Sea, an area of key habitat for polar bears. The auction took place in early February 2008.[2] An editorial in The New York Times said that "these two moves are almost certainly, and cynically, related."[3][4] Hall denied any political interference in the decision and said that the delay was needed to make sure the decision was in a form easily understood.[2] On 28 April 2008, a Federal court ruled that a decision on the listing must be made by 15 May 2008;[5] the decision came on 14 May to make the polar bear a protected species.[1] Upon listing the polar bear under the Endangered species act, the Department of the Interior immediately issued a statement that the listing could not be used to regulate greenhouse gas emissions,[6] although some policy analysts believe that the Endangered Species Act can be used to restrict the issuing of federal permits for projects that would threaten the polar bear by increasing greenhouse gas emissions.[6] Environmental groups have pledged to go to court to have the Endangered Species Act interpreted in such a way.[6] On 8 May 2009, the new administration of Barack Obama announced that it would continue the policy.[7] On 4 August 2008, the state of Alaska sued U.S. Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne, seeking to reverse the listing of the polar bear as a threatened species out of concern that the listing would adversely affect oil and gas development in the state. Alaska Governor Sarah Palin said that the listing was not based on the best scientific and commercial data available, a view rejected by polar bear experts.[8] In March 2013, a United States Appeals Court ruling upheld the "threatened" status of the polar bear against a challenge led by the State of Alaska.[9]~~


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Semi-protected edit request on 23 September 2018[edit]

I just thought that I could add some more details that I know about Polar Bears. Polar Bears are my favorite animal so it would be wonderful if you could let me do some changes.

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"Current estimates"[edit]

The sentence that starts with "Current estimates" should probably include the years of the relevant estimates (2005 and 2015, I believe). (talk) 15:14, 12 December 2018 (UTC)

Ice bear redirect[edit]

Ice bear currently redirects to polar bear. I plan to add back the ice bear hatnote per the WP:R#ASTONISH guideline (as discussed at User_talk:North8000#Ice_bear_redirect). One thing I notice is that "ice bear" is not mentioned nor bolded in the lead as WP:R#ASTONISH advises. FWIW, it is at I'll leave it to others what if anything needs to be done. Another option is that ice bear should be a disambiguation page, and polar bear should not be its WP:PRIMARYTOPIC.—Bagumba (talk) 07:37, 14 January 2019 (UTC)

There is a wrong Latin name[edit]

The name of the harp seal is presented as (pusa groenlandicus) but it really is (pacophilus groenlandicus) אריה סמסון (talk) 18:35, 15 January 2019 (UTC)

Corrected. PepperBeast (talk) 19:22, 15 January 2019 (UTC)