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Well I'm still new to this Wikipedia editing experience, I hope suggestion can be given on how improvement should be done to avoid this article to be deleted.

Well, since you are brand new, I've removed the proposed-deletion notice and added an {{underconstruction}} template to give you a little time to work on this. The main problem is the explanation of just what polymer engineering is. You must remember that you are writing for an audience that likely doesn't understand a polymer, much less polymer engineering. Course syllabuses (syllabi?) don't really give John Q. Public much context. Maybe you could explain some thing that have resulted from polymer engineering. As for source citations — and since I'm guessing you're an educator, I don't have to explain how important sources are — try to find something outside of coursework, such as an article in a general interest magazine or a newspaper. Above all, keep it as simple as you can. Don't worry about getting everything just so right of the bat. And if you need any more help, please leave a message on my talk page. I've posted some helpful information at the top of your talk page that you might want to read as well. Realkyhick 05:13, 13 August 2007 (UTC)

DeviousEgg: Don't worry Knight. I'll help you edit this page. Let me finish an assignment I have to do right now and I'll get right to it.