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Health Hazards![edit]

I'm concerned about the information that KSCN can be used to resemble fake blood and stigmata; this may encourage some readers of the article to try this on their own hands and skins, yet the article doesn't mention any of the health risks, although the word "harmful" does appear. The article's box gives a 3 for its health rating, which is very high. The MSDS from Flinn Sci. says that KSCN is:

Moderately toxic by ingestion. Irritating to body tissues. Avoid all body tissue contact.

The MSDS lists eczema as a side effect. It also mentions the dangers of inhaling any vapors that may result from the breakdown of KSCN, particularly if heated or if it comes in contact with an acid.

Ferric chloride is an acid and contact of KSCN with an acid can release hydrogen cyanide gas. If the Fx industry uses KSCN, how do they make it safe for body contact? How diluted should it be?

Does anyone know more about these health hazards than just what the MSDS says? Ileanadu (talk) 18:18, 22 March 2011 (UTC)