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I deleted the Awards section with this content only (cut and paste):

1. Those two awards must be "Guardian Children's Fiction Prize" (here at and "nl:Zilveren Griffel" (at Dutch

2. Did this book or Jones as author win a Silver Pencil, as we usually say here? She appears only once in the list, namely:

  • [1981] Diana Wynne Jones voor De negen levens

That is "the nine lives", evidently the Dutch edition of Charmed Life, which the Dutch biography nl:Diana Wynne Jones confirms. Their biography does literally give the Silver Pencil to Power of Three, but it was copied from us 9 nov 2007[1] with that info in place. We may reasonably rely on them only for the Dutch title of Charmed Life.

3. Did this book get a Guardian Prize commendation? We have essentially no record of any runners-up (commendations, shortlists, longlists, etc) before year 2000. There were runners-up, certainly, and its plausible to me that this book was one of them for 1977. ...
I deleted this listing along with the other because Charmed Life was published in the same year and did win the 1978 Guardian Prize and the other listing seems to confuse the two books.

P.S. The German article on the Dutch award, de:Silberner Griffel, does not list all winners and includes a stray mention of DWJ at the foot.

--02:57, 5 March 2013 (UTC)