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Message for the editor: The image about power-to-gas contains a mistake. The process step of methanation includes the production of CH2, according to the image. This should be CH4 (methane) instead of CH2. Lukas Grond (DNV KEMA)

Commonly deployed[edit]

"Power-to-gas systems are commonly deployed as adjuncts to wind parks or solar-electric generation."

This is confusing as the rest of the article makes clear this isn't true in October 2014. They are so for only deployed in a tiny proportion of such cases. I have changed the wording to be more accurate.

Storage function[edit]

This section needs to be rewritten for clarity by someone who understands what they're talking about. The statement that "The storage requirement in Germany is estimated at 16GW in 2023, 80GW in 2033 and 130GW in 2050" is meaningless. "GW" i(gigawatt) is a measure of power, not energy. The associated measure of energy would be "GWh" (gigawatt-hour), if that's what's actually meant. It's not obvious that it is, because it's perfectly reasonable to talk about a requirement for power delivered from storage. That's independent of the amount of energy held in storage, except to the extent that the ratio of power to energy determines how quickly the store will be depleted.

Another fundamental error is the failure to distinguish between chemical potential energy and electrical energy. If there is on GWh of energy stored in gas, is that referring to the chemical potential energy of the gas, or to the amount of electrical energy that can be derived from the stored chemical energy? There's a large difference between the two. 2601:647:4E01:6348:AD2B:9A3E:8382:3885 (talk) 22:05, 6 September 2016 (UTC)Agnostic Engineer