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Recognize Parviar as an independent Concept in Indian Family system[edit]

The article can exist independently. In Gotra system, Parviar definitely forms further section of Gotra. No doubt, within this article there is a Shokla which actually refers to this system. But is also known fact that in case of some communities, especially among the Khatris, it is the Parivar classification which is basis of the lineage of that family. In case of Khatris there are soods, Malhotras, suds, Jalotas, Basandrais, which actually refers to some distant elder of the family and consider themsleves to be part of an extended family. They then identifies gotras which they use only for selecting the marriage pundits or death rites. Hence, Parivar is an esstential basis of identifying a line of a family. They adopt Gotra to be part of wider community. This is how I have understood it till day. I accept there are numerous questions which can not be answered. Even the families themselves do not know much about their Gotras and Parivars. This system is gradually falling in oblivion. But I must emphasis, that Parivar as a concept has independent existence. It may further define an arrangment under Gotra system but that does not means that it becomes an adjunct to Gotra system and so merged with Gotra.

Secondly we must refer that if we call a person Bharadwaja which means a son of Bhradwaj rishi, that does not mean his ancestor was one single person by the name of Bhradwaj. Any person or family following the sutras supported by Bhradwaj and his successors, may be part of Bharadwaj but he may have different Gotra.

Further, being part of Gotra doesnot mean that he belongs to that family. It is only a recognization that a particular family has accepted the people of that family and had allowed to keep their cows whith their cows. Hence, they have the same gotra identification. It is just like living in a same building but having a separate flats.

Finally, Parivar and Gotra can not be mixed. Brahmins follow Gotra system as well as Parivar system. Other communities follow only Parivar system but recognize Gotras and also adopt them only for the specific religious rites.

Kindly maintain this article as an independent article and let us wait for a person having rite knowledge of Karamkanda, language, Sutras and sociology to join in.