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Article title for Grand Ducal Consorts[edit]

I have started a discussion here, to decide whether or not to title articles on Grand Ducal consorts as we title articles on queen consorts. Any ideas or comments greatly appreciated. Thanks ;) Prsgoddess187 14:54, 22 February 2006 (UTC)

Augusta of Cambridge vs. Princess Augusta Sophia of the United Kingdom[edit]

Astrotrain and myself are debating which of Augusta of Cambridge (born 1820) and Princess Augusta Sophia of the United Kingdom (died 1840) is more likely to have been a patron of the L.Bertolotto flea circus on Regent Street.

The evidence is a flyer stating patronage of "The Princess Augusta"

Dating information based on news papers and printers addresses indicates that the show was run in the 1830s.

The flyer says "The Princess Augusta" which is only used by daughters of the King (Augusta of Cambridge was a granddaughter and would be listed as Princess Augusta of Cambridge);

Augusta of Cambridge she spent most of her life in Germany

So the current speculation is that it is more likely to be her aunt to whom the flyer is refered. See Princess Augusta Sophia of the United Kingdom. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by FleaCircusDirector (talkcontribs).