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Seems as if Princess Productions has devoted considerable time and effort into making sure this Wiki page is continually (average every 9-27 minutes) cleaned of any mention of culpability in the debacle, whereby Princess productions hoped to make a pound by exploiting Britsh Soldiers and their families. It is obvious to anyone with even a layman's knowledge of Advertising, PR, or Corporate Policy that this sort of undertaking ( the original "pitch" on would NEVER be an unapproved venture undertaken by a junior staffer. Especially a junior staffer with "less than two weeks at the Company" This came from above. To disingenuously blame the most junior, and therefore most vulnerable member of the staff is meanspirited and reeks of cowardice. An admission of systemic failure in the areas of communication and ethics up the Corporate chain of command,a SINCERE apology from the turd who gave the OK on this harebrained idea, would have saved Princess Productions countless time, effort, and money. I would say a donation to either the Royal British Legion, Holidays for Heroes, or another Service Charity of their choosing would go a long way to undo the outrage and damage that their callous, crass and insensitive actions set in motion.


While I do not agree with everything the above poster said, I believe it is appropriate for a properly-referenced mention of the so-called "ARRSE debacle" (for want of a better term) to be included in this article. Slurs and defamation against Princess Production staff are not appropriate on Wikipedia, or indeed anywhere, but the fact that the incident was reported by several major news sites including The Mirror and Anorak - and the fact that it forced an apology from a company with links to major broadcasting networks - means it deserves at least a passing inclusion. Princess should not be deleting the entry in its entirety simply to save face. — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 15:33, 29 October 2011 (UTC)