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Larry, much of this is from your "Common sense and the Diallelus", but made a bit more encyclopedic and with less detail on Reid's views. I think it makes a better ad-hoc link with the one-word title. You might want to edit your article on Reid to cross-link them, and I will produce a more detailed treatment of Popper. I am also of mixed mind as to whether "diallelus" should be capitalized.

I'd prefer "problem of the criterion" as the title for most of the content of an article on this general subject; I'll fiddle with it anyway to dinner and concert here in Boston! --LMS

Is there any reason this shouldn't be merged with Regress argument? This shit really helped me with my paper on Problem of the Criterion. Thanks.

Yeah, Regress argument is a very specific issue regarding theories of knowledge that include justification as a requisite for knowledge. The problem of the criterion (though not as cached out as it could be in this article presently) is a much broader epistemological problem that underpins any particular argument against a specific theory of knowledge. McDuderson (talk) 13:33, 18 May 2008 (UTC)