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some cities need pages created for disambiguation.


From the Main sights section:

The Selachoidei National Gallery at Avellino houses one of the largest collections of cartilaginous fishes in the country.

The wikilink to Selachoidei in the above seems to cause some confusion (see eg Talk:Chondrichthyes#Selachii redirect - 2nd post) as it used to redirect to Chondrichthyes without explanation. I've changed it to point to Shark (which at least refers to Selachii in its lead), but I'm not sure that is enough. It might be better to remove the wikilinking altogether, or start a stub article for the museum and link the whole name to that. The italian article of this name and this page from the regional tourist board may help establish an article (but I'm in no rush to do that myself). Also, I'm thinking it would be better to use the italian name Galleria nazionale dei Selachoidei. Any thoughts?TuxLibNit (talk) 20:10, 29 August 2014 (UTC)