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Long lists removed from article[edit]

I removed the list under the "releases" header, because long lists like these aren't suitable for wikipedia. I attempted to summarize the list instead. For now I moved the to the talk page in case it's useful for someone else to improve the summary or expand it.

It would be great if someone familiar with these dolls could add some info about the releases to the article that would be interesting to a novice, ie, it looks like some are related to weather and seasons, maybe the releases often coincide with seasonal events? There might also be other releases tied into anime or other related things, but with just a plain list like this it's hard to tell, which is why it's better to add a few notable releases with details instead. Siawase (talk) 16:16, 12 July 2008 (UTC)

Hiding long lists, preserving for reference


  • Moon (July)
  • Wind (July)
  • Street (July)
  • Bouquet (September)
  • Squall (September)
  • Carol (October)
  • Noir (November)
  • Leprotto (November)
    *internet exclusive*
  • Withered (December)


  • Venus (January)
  • Nomado (February)
  • Arietta (March)
  • Bianca (March)
    *store exclusive*
  • Anne Shirley (April)
  • Nero (May)
  • Happy Birthday Pullip (May) *exclusive*
  • Principessa (June)
  • Fantastic Alice (July)
  • Oren (July)
    *store exclusive*
  • Spring Purezza (July)
    *store exclusive*
  • Panda (August)
  • Fourrure (September)
  • Little Red Riding Hood (October)
  • Sacralita (November)
  • Vivien (November)
    *store exclusive*
  • China China (December)


  • Fanatica (January)
  • Chicca (February)
  • Winter Purezza (February)
    *store exclusive*
  • Afternoon (March)
  • Cosmic Mercu (April)
  • Cosmic Jupi (April)
  • Assa (May)
  • Happy Birthday Pullip Sacagawea (May) *exclusive*
  • Paja (June)
  • Lan Ake (August)
  • Lan Ai (August)
  • Summer Purezza (August)
    *store exclusive*
  • Rovam (September)
  • Greggia (October)
  • Latte (November)
  • Raphia (December)


  • Cornice (January)
  • Fall Purezza (January)
    *store exclusive*
  • Rida (February)
  • Holly (March)
  • Nina (April)
  • Nahh-Ahto (May)
  • Eternia (June)
  • Craziia (July)
  • Papin (August)
  • Brand New Purezza (September)
  • Zuora (October)
  • Shinku (November)
  • Chill (December)


  • Suigintou (January)
  • Haute (January)
    *store exclusive*
  • Stica (February)
  • Suiseiseki (March)
  • Alte (April)
  • Souseiseki (May)
  • Blanche (June)
  • Barasuishou (July)
  • Aquel (August)
  • Kirakishou (September)
    *store exclusive*
  • Uncanricky (September)
  • Another Alice (September)
    *shared exclusive*
  • Another Queen (September)
    *shared exclusive*
  • Hello Kitty (October)
  • Veritas (November)
  • Haute (December)
    *store exclusive*
  • Prunella (December)


  • My Melody (January)
  • Ayanami Rei (February)
  • Asuka Langley Soryu (March)
  • Ala (April)
  • Dita (May)
  • Xiao Fan (June)
  • Yuutsudu (July)
  • Celsiy (August)
  • Cinciallegra (September)
  • Kirshe (October)


  • Vispo (February)
  • Trunk (March)
  • Happy Birthday Namu 1 (May)
  • Serpent (June)
  • Wolf (October)
  • Kung Fu Fai (December)
  • Happy Birthday Namu 2 Geronimo (May)



  • M.J. (February)
  • Sage (April)
  • Filato (June)
  • Timulus (August)
  • Shade (October)
  • Cavalie (December)


  • Missionary (February)
  • Lead (April)
  • Butler (June)
  • Hash (August)
  • Another King (September)
    • internet exclusive*
  • Edward Scissorhands (October)
  • Maguna (December)


  • Horizon (February)
  • Tantus (May)
  • William (June)
  • Seiran (July)
  • Jade (September)
  • Sol (October)
  • Alberic (November)


  • Arion (January)
  • Andrew (February)
  • Sebastian (March)

Dal Doll:


  • Drta (September)
  • Fiori (September)
  • Monomono (September)
  • Hina Ichigo (November)


  • Rot Chan (January)
  • Sooni (March)
  • Frara (May)
  • Kanaria (July)
  • Coral (September)
  • Another Rabbit (September)
    *internet exclusive*
  • Another Clock Rabbit (September)
    *internet exclusive*
  • Jolie (November)
  • Jouet (November) exclusive to "Doll Carnival" held on the 11th of November 2007 at the LaCcollezione gallery. Doll is limited to 300 pieces worldwide.


  • Hangry (January)
  • Cinnamoroll (March)
  • Colline (April)
  • Tweety (May)
  • Coco (June)
  • U-No-Hana (July)
  • Magical Pink Chan (August)
  • Tezca (September)
  • Lipoca (October)
  • Charlotte (November)
  • Milch (December)
  • 2009

  • Melize (January)
  • Angry (February)
  • Ciel (March)
  • Little Pullip:


    • Little Moon (January)
    • Little Paja (January)
    • Little Leprotto (January)
    • Little Anne Shirley (April)
    • Little Witch (April)
    • Little Noir (May)
    • Little Dido (June)
    • Little Fantastic Alice (July)
    • Little Panda (September)
    • Little Berry (October)
    • Little Carol (November)
    • Little Rudolph (November)
    • Little Fanatica (December)


    • Little Riletto (January)
    • Little Swan (February)
    • Little Mercu (March)
    • Little Jupi (March)
    • Little Pureza (April)
    • Little Lan Ake (May)
    • Little Lan Ai (May)
    • Little Froggy (June)
    • Little Aloalo (July)
    • Little Purezza 2 (August)
    • Little R (September)
    • Little Raphia (October)
    • Little Cornice (October)
    • Little Assa (November)
    • Little Aggonya (December)


    • Little Rida (January)
    • Little Calfy (February)
    • Little Principessa (March)

    Working the releases list into the Special Editions and Exclusives section[edit]

    The section named Special Editions and Exclusives already had a very good prose coverage of the releases, so I renamed it to "Releases" and worked the little summary I wrote into it. Siawase (talk) 08:00, 13 July 2008 (UTC)

    Merger proposal[edit]

    I propose merging the four pullip variants into this article. Namu Doll, TaeYang, Dal Doll, Little Pullip. It is unlikely those articles would pass the Wikipedia:Notability on their own and they are all short enough to easily be merged here. Siawase (talk) 09:53, 10 November 2008 (UTC)

    Since there have been no objections I'm going ahead and performing the merger. Siawase (talk) 22:11, 19 December 2008 (UTC)

    Websites for Pullip[edit]

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