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Merge discussion[edit]

I have looked at the comments in which someone else proposed merges. There are lots of assertions that they are different, but no further detail. Please sign in, agree or disagree, provide detail why, and then sign your comment (4 tildas) Ehusman 03:27, 11 November 2006 (UTC)

Fair use rationale for Image:Pyat rublei 1997.jpg[edit]

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Image:Pyat rublei 1997.jpg is being used on this article. I notice the image page specifies that the image is being used under fair use but there is no explanation or rationale as to why its use in this Wikipedia article constitutes fair use. In addition to the boilerplate fair use template, you must also write out on the image description page a specific explanation or rationale for why using this image in each article is consistent with fair use.

Please go to the image description page and edit it to include a fair use rationale. Using one of the templates at Wikipedia:Fair use rationale guideline is an easy way to insure that your image is in compliance with Wikipedia policy, but remember that you must complete the template. Do not simply insert a blank template on an image page.

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esta es una historia muy interesante deberian de escribir mas sobre ello porque asi aprendemos mas —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 14:32, 15 January 2009 (UTC)

A cottage industry is an industry[edit]

Wikipedians must get over this mind-numbing practice of defining a word or term by referring to itself. Nickrz (talk) 17:41, 9 March 2011 (UTC) An industry certainly does not include bloggers talking about a specific manufacturer.Splodgeness (talk) 10:12, 25 June 2015 (UTC)

Not enough information[edit]

It doesn't tell the reader why the domestic system ended — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 12:26, 22 December 2013 (UTC) Maybe because it hasn't!! I worked for 30 years producing control systems from my house, and this is not unusual. Splodgeness (talk) 10:13, 25 June 2015 (UTC)

Dr. Nakabayashi's comment on this article[edit]

Dr. Nakabayashi has reviewed this Wikipedia page, and provided us with the following comments to improve its quality:

The article is not inaccurate, but fails to show that putting-out was widely seen beyond the Western world, particular in weaving. For instance, putting-out was a typical work organization of hand weaving in Japan from the early modern times to the 1900s, until factories equipped with power looms became predominant.

We hope Wikipedians on this talk page can take advantage of these comments and improve the quality of the article accordingly.

Dr. Nakabayashi has published scholarly research which seems to be relevant to this Wikipedia article:

  • Reference : NAKABAYASHI, Masaki, 2013. "Honesty, Diligence, and Skill: Risk Sharing and Specialization in the Kiryu Silk Weaving Cluster, Japan," ISS Discussion Paper Series (series F) f166, Institute of Social Science, The University of Tokyo, revised 03 Jun 2014.

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