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Seven shining what?[edit]

Seven shining ones? This is the first I've heard of them -- is this a Budge invention? atef is his transliteration of it (father), so maa-it-f is He who sees his father -- it's a list similar to one translated by Faulkner's BOTD:

p. 47:
As for these seven spirits, Imsety, Hapy, Duamutef, Qebehsenuef, He who sees his father, He who is under the moringa-tree, and Horus the eye-less, it is they who were set by Anubis as a protection for the burial of Osiris.

Moringa tree is bAq I think. This list occurs elsewhere and it differs apart from the names of the 4 standard sons. --Cliau 05:39, 7 December 2006 (UTC)

Er......there's something funny about the Qebehsenuef article......[edit]

I don't believe that "It probably means something like 'My brothers' lesbian" should be there, although that may have been something actually useful, like "It may mean something like '<something intelligent here>'" before someone changed it. I do believe that something should be done, but I'm not the one to edit it as I don't know a thing about that god.

Just making a statement.

LordofNAzgul95 (talk) 00:52, 8 April 2008 (UTC)